Jennifer Dai

A Redesign of Streaming

A Redesign of Streaming

A Redesign of Streaming 


  • To obtain and sustain more paid subscribers through original content and interactive playlists and podcasts, by emerging artists on the platform- simultaneously boosting artist's profiles and simplifying the user experience for listeners while providing more exclusive content.

  • To more effectively help emerging musicians connect with one another, to collaborate and create through the platform, and gain awareness and build an authentic fan base.


Design for Homepage, Feed and Live-stream Playlists



Artist-hosted Radio

Combination of curated music, listener suggestions, and conversations between hosts content; like a radio show and podcast focused on each respective music genre and subculture

Invite artists to become curators

to host and curate content, on Artist Den and become Playlist Curators to be featured on the homepage as hosts

Original Research Question and Redesign Proposal for Soundcloud

Proposal Deck for Redesign of Streaming